The I Am An Autism Parent site will be down for the foreseeable future. My goal is to reorganize it such that the historical content that is most releveant to families and their children will much more accessible and useful, and the more random, bloggy stories of our everyday life of years ago will be filtered out and retired. Our son is a teenager now, and we believe he deserves his privacy. So we haven’t written about him directly in a very long time. Also, circumstances in our family life keep changing rapidly and are hard to digest and write down in such a way that would be helpful to others rather than be some self-indulgent chatter that just contributes to the already brain-melting noise on the Internet. There are many stories to tell and thoughts to share, but our season for that hasn’t quite come yet.

In the meantime, be kind to yourselves, celebrate your children, believe in the future, and fight like hell as advocates and allies for all autistic persons everywhere. We all share in a common future together. And there is much to be done.

Our best to all of you.