I Am An Autism Parent
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An open letter about why I believe in our children,
our autism journey, and you.

I Am An Autism Parent - Kindle Cover Draft 1bMy book, I Am An Autism Parent, is available now for Amazon Kindle! I Am An Autism Parent is about the emotional journey of becoming an autism parent and embracing your identity. You can read all about it below. To go straight to the book page on Amazon, click here.

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I also created an excerpt of the book, called The Autism Parents Vow, that you can read online right now.

My son, Jonas, was diagnosed with autism in March 2008 and has been in a variety of therapies since he was nine months old. Over the past several years, my wife, Mary, and I have chronicled our story at our parenting blog, Both Hands and a Flashlight. Our journey together these nine years of Jonas’s life has been filled with challenges and triumph, fear and joy, and everything in between.

I Am An Autism Parent is the culmination of my journey so far as an autism parent. The mission of I Am An Autism Parent is both to help parents receiving an autism diagnosis for their child adjust to the challenges of autism parenting and to inspire all autism parents to embrace their own strength, skills, and identity.

The media is filled with so many negative messages about autism and parenting. It is true that this journey is often messy, gritty, and painfully difficult. But I do have a conviction about it. If you’re willing to be honest with yourself, if you are willing to dig deep into yourself to find your courage and perseverance, and if you are willing to open yourself to the possibilities this journey can offer you, what you will discover will astound you. Your child has wonders to reveal to you, wonders you never dreamed possible.

Whether you already have an autism diagnosis for your child or are in the process of seeking one, I imagine you are filled with doubt and fear. I also know that you are stronger than you yet realize. There are immense challenges and profound wonders ahead of you. And most importantly, even if you don’t believe it yet, I want you to know that you are ready for what is to come.

I also encourage you to read my blog post “The Story Behind My New Book, I Am An Autism Parent” for more insight into how the book came to be.

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Tim Tucker


About the Author

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Tim Tucker writes and manages Both Hands and a Flashlight, his online chronicles of parenting, autism, and the pursuit of being awesome, and has been blogging on autism since his son, Jonas, was diagnosed in 2008.

Tim lives in Raleigh, North Carolina with his lovely and winsome wife, Mary, and their two amazing children, Jonas and Eli. He is an avid runner who has completed two marathons, both in honor of his son’s autism diagnosis.